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3 Ways 5G and Data Will Improve Fleet Management Software

Telematics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and fleet management software are all functioning at a more advanced level than ever before. With record-levels of data being produced, 5G will be able to better take that information from tablets, smartphones, dash cams and fleet management software and turn it into actionable insights so fleet managers can manage their vehicles with greater efficiency and control.

5G will provide faster and more reliable performance for fleet management software that will revolutionize fleet business operations through enhanced productivity, improved fleet safety and other game-changing innovations.

Below are 3 ways 5G will improve the way you manage your vehicles with GPS location tracking:

Better Fleet Management Software Connectivity with 5G

As you further equip your vehicles with GPS tracking and other IOT hardware, the rate at which data is collected from these devices will gradually multiply. Enhanced 5G connectivity will not be burdened by the low latency tradeoffs 4G requires, which will allow networks to instantly communicate with your vehicles and send higher volumes of data to your fleet management software. Better quality data at faster rates will only improve the accuracy and functionality of location reporting, which will in turn create more efficiency and value for your fleet.

5G and Driver Data for Improved Fleet Safety

Vehicle data collected from fleet management software can help a fleet manager better understand the unique characteristics of their drivers’ behavior. Identifying the specific factors that will encourage safer driving will be key to running a safer fleet while ensuring drivers reach their destinations in a timely manner. 5G data from fleet management software can provide hundreds of metrics that can be utilized for your fleet safety program, including:

  • Posted Speed Alerts

  • Mileage and Engine Idling Reports

  • Shock Absorption Alerts (in the event of a rear-end collision)

  • Hard Braking Alerts

  • Route Optimization

  • Diagnostics for Vehicle Health

  • Preventative Maintenance Reminders

  • Seat Belt Notifications

  • And More!

5G and Dash Cam Fleet Management Software

Fleet tracking dash cams have firmly established themselves as the new standard for fleet management software. With the ability to visually monitor your drivers in real-time, review accident footage immediately after its happened or view footage from previous trips, a stable connection is preferable to taking advantage of the video aspect. While 4G has proven more than sufficient for dash cam connectivity, 5G will further improve performance with more demanding features. Live stream functionality along with 1080p video can only benefit from 5G connectivity, which mean you will be able to check in on your drivers with crystal clear video clarity and little to no hiccups in the video stream.

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