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Buying Guide for Fleet Dash Cams

While commercial fleet GPS tracking has now been around for decades, dash cams for fleet management solutions are a relatively new technology. If you are looking to visually monitor your commercial fleet with driver footage as well as track your vehicles using the traditional features of GPS fleet management, this guide will help you know what to look for in a fleet dash cam so you get the most value from your investment.

How Many Viewing Angles Do You Need to Record with Your Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking Dash Cam?

Most consumer dash cams only record the road in front of them. This is useful in case the driver is ever involved in an accident and needs video evidence in the event of disputed claims. However, many fleet managers want to monitor their drivers as well to make sure they are following all the necessary safety protocols such as wearing their seatbelt and keeping their eyes on the road. A 2-camera setup with 1080p recording quality is most often recommended for full vehicle and driver visibility

Other fleets may need extra cameras on top of road-facing / driver-side dash cams for their fleet management solutions, as well. Towing companies, for example, generally equip an external rear camera on their hitch to record the towing of car to make sure no damage is sustained to either vehicle during the process.

Do You Need Fleet Safety Program Features?

Driver-side dash cams, as previously mentioned, allow you to view your driver in the vehicle cab and make sure they are following all the proper rules of the road.

But with recent developments in commercial fleet GPS tracking dash cam technology, newer models can actually detect drowsy driving or other risky behaviors (such as texting while driving). The fleet manager can receive a notification of the detection along with video footage of the event, and the dash cam itself can emit an alarm noise to get the driver’s focus back on the road.  

With nuclear verdicts on the rise, having a Distracted Driving Camera can go a long way to improving your fleet safety program and reduce accident risk while your drivers are out on the road.

Do You Want Cloud Connectivity with Your Dash Cam Fleet Management Solutions?

Commercial fleet GPS tracking dash cams that are cloud-capable give you the ability to live stream your drivers’ trips, see your vehicles’ location in real-time, and look up footage from past trips. These tools will allow you to better manage your fleet and improve your bottom line.

When choosing a dash cam for GPS fleet management, it’s important that the accompanying application allows you to:

  • Instantly view real-time footage from a vehicle through the desktop applications or smartphone app

  • Access dash cam footage fast and easy based on Driver, Trip, Date, Time and other criteria

  • Receive instant notifications of any shock absorption / hard braking alerts along with footage of the event to see if an accident occurred

  • Store driver footage for 3 months or longer in the cloud

All of these features should be mandatory when choosing a dash cam tracking application for fleet management solutions. Most commercial fleet GPS tracking companies offer this basic functionality and more, so don’t settle for anything less.

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