AI-Powered Dash Cams

Why AI-Powered Dash Cams Will Revolutionize Your Fleet Safety Program

Consumer dash cams have been available to motorists for the better part of a decade now. With the basic ability to record forward-facing footage of road events, consumer dash cams have paved the way accident exoneration (not to mention some pretty crazy YouTube videos with millions of views).

But with the integration of AI-powered dash cams into the fleet industry, the recording technology is rapidly evolving into an essential tool powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) for fleet management safety.

Distracted Driving Technology for Fleet Management Safety

Distracted Driving Detection is a new feature currently offered by AI-Powered dash cam providers that is revolutionizing fleet management safety in a way traditional GPS never could. Fleet reports like hard braking alerts, excessive speeding and more can provide CLUES to a driver’s tendencies, but AI Dash Cams with Distracted Driving Detection can visually IDENTIFY and CONFIRM risky driving behaviors.

Using a Convolutional Neural Network, the CNN model can analyze a video image and interpret what is happening inside the vehicle with the driver. This visual data is then processed and correlated with recognized patterns within the deep learning neural network to accurately and uniquely identify inattentive driving behaviors.

Below are examples of behaviors identified within the CNN model of AI dash cams:

  • Texting while Driving – The no.1 PREVENTABLE cause of accidents on the road today.

  • Drowsy Driving – Many drivers spend long periods of time on the road driving cross-country, and falling asleep at the wheel is an all-too-common occurrence. Thankfully there are AI-Powered Dash Cams that not only detect a driver falling asleep at the wheel but also alert them so they wake back up.

  • Eating While Driving – Eating while driving is a distraction like any other and accounts for nearly 65% near-miss car accidents on the road.

  • Seatbelt Detection – The safety of your drivers is just as important as everyone else’s on the road, and ensuring they are wearing their seatbelt at all times should be standard procedure for any fleet management safety program.

AI Dashcam Driver Performance Review and Decision Making

As AI-Powered dash cams collect driver information over time these various data sets (often too big for anyone one person to review on their own) can be organized and calculated into Driver Scorecards.

By discovering relationships among the data collected (such as average speed traveled, hours spent on the road, locations frequented, performance in severe weather conditions, etc…), AI dash cams can then provide unique assessments to aid fleet managers in performance reviews.

For example, AI-data mining / analysis might reveal that a certain driver “tends to speed on country roads.” The fleet manager could then review this trend with driver and coach him accordingly.

By making educated decisions based on AI-powered dash cam suggestions, fleet managers can get the most out of their drivers while simultaneously improving the overall culture of fleet management safety.

Convolutional Neural Network Facial Recognition

Just like with Distracted Driving Detection, AI dash cams can use a Convolutional Neural Network (or CNN Model) to recognize driver faces and assign them to vehicles automatically within the fleet tracking application. The deep neural network effectively “learns” to recognize the driver’s facial characteristics and can take into account variations (such as sunglasses, hats, or beards).

Facial recognition with deep neural networks can also put security measures in place so a vehicle will not start unless the proper driver is operating the vehicle.