FleetOptix Redefines
Transport And Analytics

When you need last-mile logistics and analytic transportation solutions, look no further than FleetOptix. Our fleet tracking software is a management system that uses GPS to keep track of the activity of company assets such as vehicles, equipment and workers. Using proprietary web-based technologies and turn-key solutions, we offer data to our dedicated fleet customers that includes last-mile logistics, which can make up 28% of a shipment’s total cost.

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Superior GPS Technology
and Innovation

The right GPS fleet tracking software and system can help you monitor both your vehicles and the behavior of your drivers. A leading provider of GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking technology, FleetOptix gives you the tools to optimize your fleet, which can reduce your costs and your workload. Last-mile logistics are influenced by the rapid growth in eCommerce and omnichannel supply chains. Our expertise in global fleet management — as well as our advanced technical ability and in-depth analytics — brings you tools and solutions that will work in myriad industries. Our experts can coach you on business-specific solutions to provide answers when you need them the most.

Manage a More Efficient, Productive, and Profitable Fleet

FleetOptix is a dynamic leader in fleet GPS tracking products and services. Our cameras are designed for service and distribution businesses that want an easy-to-use, cost-effective, scalable solution to manage their fleet. Our telematics system is one of the most cost-effective fleet management solutions in the industry and scales easily to businesses of any size. With over 5,000+ TrackNet Clients, and 70,000+ Vehicles Tracked, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We help you save money and improve operations by:

  • Reducing unauthorized mileage and stops

  • Improving customer service