Asset Tracking System with Heavy Equipment

Why You Need an Asset Tracking System

All tools and equipment used by a business need to be tracked. Asset tracking is the first step in eliminating costly problems, duplicate purchases and last-minute equipment maintenance. When you make use of an asset tracking system, you always know what equipment you own, which assets you lease, the associated costs, and whether anything needs maintenance or repair. 

Asset management also eliminates “ghost assets” in your company’s inventory — lost, damaged, or stolen equipment — giving you real-time and accurate views of what assets actually exist. The FleetOptix asset tracking system offers fleet owners and managers a centralized platform that provides real-time details such as location, contract and maintenance history. With the right asset tracking solutions, it’s easy to document and track all of your company’s physical assets.

Asset Tracking Systems for all your Fleet Management Needs

Many businesses have experienced first-hand just how much lost productivity is due to the outdated and inefficient ways they track and manage their assets. Asset tracking solutions from FleetOptix supports data storage on as many assets as you need. You will not only know the location of your equipment but you will also get in-depth data about your asset’s value over its entire lifecycle. This will help you save money per asset and get the most out of each piece of equipment.

Most fleet managers and owners have worried that leaving expensive construction assets on a job site after-hours will make the equipment vulnerable to theft, unauthorized use and vandalism. The right asset tracking solutions offer peace of mind and reduce human error when it comes to equipment management. The FleetOptix solution lets you monitor myriad details 24/7 making it easier to stay on top of the information you need to make informed decisions. Asset tracking also offers these benefits:

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Improved customer service

  • Long-range planning

Asset Tracking System

Save Money, Boost Efficiency with our Asset Tracking Solutions

By tracking your assets using a digital system, you will notice a reduction in errors since no one in the office will have to physically track down any assets or equipment. An automated system also frees your employees to concentrate on other responsibilities that could potentially generate revenue. Other benefits you will notice when using an asset tracking system:

  • Cost savings

  • Scaling insights

  • Asset utilization trends

Asset Tracking Across Multiple Jobsites