Our Commercial Fleet Tracking System Cut Costs & Increases Safety

Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking by FleetOptix

Commercial Fleet Management with our GPS Dash Cams

GPS tracking cameras from FleetOptix are more than simple dashcams. Take your commercial fleet management to a whole new level with GPS data and live driver footage. Record and save video evidence for future use.

Video Evidence Protects Your Business

  • Safeguard against staged accidents and false or exaggerated claims

  • A FleetOptix system can lower your insurance rates by 10%

  • Use footage of your own drivers to train and alter bad habits

Commercial Fleet Tracking

An effective commercial fleet tracking system will have multiple cameras to capture a constant stream of data from inside the cab and all around the vehicle. The right system should provide:

  • Audible in-cab driver alerts

  • Real-time tracking

  • Easy data downloads

  • Multiple device accessibility

  • Mobile app

  • Tamper proof

  • Remote video downloads

  • Seamless reporting

  • Secure cloud storage

  • Text and email alerts

  • Fuel card integration

  • No contracts

Smart Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking For Your Business

No matter the number of vehicles, fleet management is not an easy job and requires a manager who can multi-task with ease and effectively straddle office demands, industry requirements and fieldwork challenges. When it comes to commercial fleet GPS tracking, the job is even more complex, with a large number of vehicles and drivers to coordinate and increased pressure to curtail overhead. 

Managers in charge of commercial fleet tracking need an array of traits, skills, and experience in order to be successful. The most effective managers are goal-oriented and make use of technology to leverage available metrics. That data can then be used to continually benchmark productivity, asset utilization, and effective use of resources. Smart managers know that having the right technology in place can help tip the scales toward profitability.

Commercial Fleet Tracking System by FleetOptix