Cut Expenses and Increase Productivity with GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

With recent technological advancements in asset tracking camera devices and telematics, GPS tracking for construction equipment is easier to use than ever before. The right tools can help you better manage fleets on the road and in the field. Between location information and route optimization, as a fleet manager, you can create more efficient schedules for asset and manpower allocation. 

The Best GPS Tracking For Construction Equipment

The construction market has experienced unparalleled changes over the years that have transformed construction fleet management. Although technology has made some aspects easier, managing a construction fleet has a multitude of challenges, from maintaining equipment schedules to overseeing fuel usage, maintenance and more. 

Construction project timelines are more compressed than ever before, putting increased stress on heavy equipment and making maintenance all the more important. GPS tracking for construction equipment gives fleet managers and other stakeholders important maintenance information in advance while also providing an added layer of security from theft or vandalism.

Constant monitoring and real-time alerts mean that you can always identify equipment maintenance issues in advance, avoiding unexpected downtime. GPS tracking for construction equipment also generates reams of data from telematics that can help identify unsafe driver behavior and equipment misuse as well as track the overall health of your machines.

Cost-Effective Tracking Plans

We offer affordable tracking plans for construction companies of all sizes

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Construction Fleet Management by FleetOptix

Keep Your Construction Process Efficient with FleetOptix Cameras

Managing complex construction projects across various job sites is a tall order. FleetOptix provides GPS tracking cameras that can visually monitor both your drivers out on the road as well as construction equipment on site.

FleetOptix Benefits

  • Keep an eye on valuable heavy equipment

  • Improve productivity and manage your fleet

  • Know where assets are at all times for optimal use