AI-Powered Dual Dash Cam Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

If you are a fleet owner or manager considering a truck camera system, now is the time to take action. Not only can today’s dual dash cam technology protect your business against false accident claims, but the right system can also keep your drivers accountable. The FleetOptix vehicle camera system can help exonerate your drivers if an accident happens and provide information you can use to develop safety training. Further, you will likely get discounts on insurance premiums.

Dual Dash Cam

The FleetOptix dual dash cam system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect near-misses and distracted driving while also capturing real-time video footage of what is happening on the road and behind the wheel. When something goes wrong, fleet managers and owners need an accurate accounting of what took place.

  • AI technology classifies and filters by date, driver and vehicle

  • No sifting through hours of irrelevant video

  • Video classifications improve as the system gets to know drivers

The FleetOptix system uses cutting-edge dual dash cam technology combined with telematics solutions for real-time video footage day and night. You will never have to guess about what happened or take it at the word of the people involved or passing witnesses. With a vehicle camera system, you always have visual evidence.

With telematics, you get a large volume and variety of data that can be used to enhance safety and efficiency. When telematics is combined with a connected dual dash cam, you also get the visual evidence to validate the collected data.

This is especially useful when trying to establish accident liability.Some of the benefits of a dual dash cam system for fleet management include: