Emergency Services Fleet Management – Cut Expenses & Increase Productivity With Fleet Management GPS Cameras

Emergency Services Fleet Management by FleetOptix

Emergency Services Fleet Management GPS Dash Cams Limit Accident Liability

Ambulance drivers are responsible for providing critical emergency care while reaching their destination as quickly and safely as possible. The probability of an accident increases exponentially for such vehicles, considering ambulance drivers are lawfully permitted to speed and run through red lights.

Proven Reduction in Accident Frequency with GPS Cameras

  • Optimize routes to help drivers reach their destination faster and safer.

  • GPS and speed data, audio recordings, and interior/exterior video streams serve as solid evidence in accident claims.

  • Obtain footage from past trips from FleetOptix’s fast and secure cloud servers.

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Emergency Services Fleet Management Solutions by FleetOptix

Turn To FleetOptix For Emergency Services Fleet Management Solutions

Whether you’re in charge of ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, or utility vehicles,  emergency services fleet management requires laser-focused attention to detail. Dispatching any type of emergency vehicle requires smart thinking, precise handling and immediate scheduling.

At FleetOptix, we have the emergency services fleet management solutions you need to optimize routes, analyze footage and manage your fleet with real-time GPS. One of your most important emergency services fleet management devices is a GPS tracking camera system. A GPS tracking system is the one tool you need to make smart fleet management decisions based on data.