Fleet Management Solutions

Manage your fleet more efficiently by tracking vehicles in real time with live driver streams.

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Fleet Management Solutions You Need the Most

At FleetOptix, we’re here to help make your job easier while helping you slash expenses and increase revenue. Our fleet management solutions put you behind the wheel with your drivers so you can know firsthand what they’re dealing with and where improvement can be made. You can track vehicles in real-time with live driver streams, while also generating data and reports. You can dig into actionable data on real-time vehicle locations, routes, historical trip views, speed, idling, fuel usage and more with our range of GPS fleet management solutions.

GPS and Video Boost Fleet Management

FleetOptix’s solutions provide vehicle video monitoring to improve efficiency. Gain insight into daily operations and keep drivers safe.


  • Identify risky driving practices and use real driver footage in training

  • Optimize your routes and improve delivery times with location reports

  • Save all footage and access it in your archives as needed

Our innovative vehicle tracking solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and location data. When you use the FleetOptix dual dash cam GPS tracking system, you will have detailed visibility into your operations so you can better manage your fleet and maximize the utilization of assets. We offer: