Fleet Safety Program

Establish an effective Fleet Safety Program with FleetOptix’s GPS cameras and driver footage solution.

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Exonerate Your Drivers

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Coach Your Drivers in Avoiding Accidents with GPS Tracking Cameras

Accidents can cost your fleet an average of around $70,000 per incident. You put your drivers and your business at risk by not establishing a formal safety program. Set up ongoing driver training and improve operations with a driver safety program that uses GPS cameras from FleetOptix.

The right technology gives you the ability to see if your drivers and vehicles are operating safely. Having visual data is important for reducing risk factors. The dash cam system from FleetOptix provides valuable information for evaluating the circumstances leading up to a crash. By examining the footage leading up to an accident, you can exonerate an innocent driver and reduce potential liability.

Benefits of our GPS Cameras

  • Real-time video streams to monitor driver activity

  • Record and access driver footage

  • Periodic driver snapshots to ensure drivers are practicing safe driving

Up to a 10% Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Safer fleets see more savings across the board with a camera solution in place

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Using Dash Cam Technology For Your Fleet Safety Program

If you are looking to develop a fleet safety program you’ll want to start with a system that combines video technology and consistent coaching so you can improve driver behavior and reduce accidents. Video dash cam also helps prevent false accident claims and can lower your insurance costs. Before investing in the creation of a program, however, you first need technology that provides the necessary visibility and data.

Dash cam footage gives you evidence of everything that happens — rough acceleration, hard braking, cornering, lane drifting, following too close, rolling stops, and more. A video system combined with a driver behavior modification program can reduce fatal and injury crashes. Having the unique ability to view the specific behaviors taking place — as well as the circumstances leading up to them — can help you provide a fleet safety program with driver coaching to prevent future occurrences.

  • Decrease your at-fault accident rate

  • Minimize claims and insurance costs

  • Exonerate innocent drivers

  • Create a safety-first culture