GPS Fleet Management Improves Productivity, Safety While Cutting Expenses

GPS Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Management using the FleetOptix dash cam with GPS tracking is always on the job with your drivers and assets — every mile and every stop. You will always know what is happening on the way to all job sites and delivery locations. Every vehicle and driving action is tracked, analyzed, and reported in real-time. Safety data — speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration — will always be documented so both you and your drivers see where improvement is needed. 

Commercial trucks can go through more than 20,000 gallons of fuel a year. With GPS fleet tracking you can cut fuel costs by analyzing data that will help you pinpoint opportunities for reduction. Even tracking speed data can help reduce fuel costs. According to current research, every 5 mph driven over a 55-mph speed limit costs 24 cents more per gallon of fuel used. And this is regardless of the type of vehicle, engine, or size. Research shows that if the national speed limit was 55 nationwide, it would save 1 billion barrels of oil per year.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Device

A GPS fleet management system with automated reporting and instant alerts can help you eliminate behaviors that lead to excessive fuel use — idling, speeding, and unauthorized vehicle usage. With the Fleet Optix GPS fleet management system, you will receive instant notifications when this happens. A GPS fleet tracking system from Fleet Optix gives you the necessary data to find numerous ways to save gas, such as optimizing routes with live traffic features and rerouting dispatch options.

With the right GPS fleet management system you can also extend your fleet’s life by acting on alerts when maintenance is needed. Your maintenance records are always archived, organized and retrievable whenever you need them to access them. You will always know when a repair is needed or when it is time for scheduled maintenance. You will also be alerted when driver behavior takes place that could be harmful to a vehicle — things like harsh braking, sudden acceleration or speeding.

Productivity will be improved with analytical reports based on real-time data using just a single dashboard. Our real-time GPS fleet tracking solution gives you t