GPS Tracking For Heavy Equipment Improves Asset Lifecycle

GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment

Construction companies competing in today’s competitive market need to keep a close eye on their equipment. Having a solid heavy equipment fleet management system in place helps ensure the right equipment is at the correct job site every time. 

The right setup lets you can easily track all assets and monitor heavy equipment 24/7. Having full visibility and control can help you streamline your operations and make more efficient use of assets. With a Fleet Optix heavy equipment fleet management system, you can revolutionize your company’s approach to asset allocation. 

Fleet Optix has a cloud-based dash cam system that will keep you connected to your drivers and fleet anytime. If there is a problem, you will see first-hand what took place.

When you lose track of your equipment, you lose money. When you use GPS tracking for heavy equipment, the right resources will always be in place.

The Easy Way To Protect Heavy Equipment Assets

Heavy equipment is a prime target for theft, with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction vehicles stolen each year. By implementing GPS tracking for heavy equipment, you’re adding a layer of protection against thievery and vandalism. If something happens, you will have video footage of the incident and of the thieves.

With text and email alerts, you will always be informed whenever your equipment leaves or enters pre-determined areas. Our trackers run on one of the fastest satellite networks in the world, so you can track your assets anywhere. 

Heavy Equipment Fleet Management

Fleet Optix offers tracking solutions for all types of heavy equipment — trailers, bulldozers, forklifts and more. Other benefits include: