How It Works When You Partner With FleetOptix

GPS tracking cameras and software from FleetOptix are more than simple dashcams. Our system takes your commercial fleet management to a whole new level with in-depth GPS data and real-time live driver footage. In addition, you can record and save videos for future use — as evidence in case of an accident, or as educational material to instruct drivers. When you partner with FleetOptix, you get a state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking system that uses the latest devices and software to monitor and manage your fleet of vehicles. With our GPS tracking system, a fleet manager or business owner can collect data on the location and health of a vehicle, as well as drivers’ behavior and fleet productivity.

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Video Evidence Protects Your Business, Driver And Fleet

As a fleet manager or owner, you know that safety is among your most important business priorities. Keeping your workers protected is critical to your business success. By adding and making regular use of dash cams and video telematics, your mix of tools now has the added benefit of streamlining safety initiatives and safeguarding against staged accidents and false or exaggerated claims.

With the right data at your fingertips, you will be able to reduce fleet maintenance, boost vehicle utilization and improve fuel economy. Further, by using the FleetOptix system, you can tap footage of your own drivers to create training videos to encourage better habits, which can lead to a reduction in your insurance rates. Our system lets you track your fleet’s vehicle location, the average speed, overall fuel use, driver performance, and more. You will be able to gain fresh insights to improve your bottom line — for fleets of all sizes.

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