Improve Fleet Productivity With GPS Tracking

Fleet Productivity with GPS Cameras

It is expensive to put a fleet on the road. Costs ranging from fuel and maintenance to salaries and insurance, quickly add up. With profit margins getting thinner, your fleet productivity needs to be efficient in order to stay in business. But when you have multiple trucks logging hundreds of miles each day, finding ways to tighten up operations can be a daunting job unless you have the right tools.

The Fleet Optix fleet tracking system is a powerful tool for identifying inefficiencies and reducing overhead expenses. Our GPS dash cam system gives fleet managers a comprehensive overview of fleet operations alongside detailed, real-time information about each individual trip, vehicle and driver. Our user-friendly interface puts all the data you need at your fingertips.

Improve GPS Tracking

Fleet Tracking System

The Fleet Optix truck tracking system can help you streamline your daily operations. You can collect and analyze data for a clear view of what happens and when it happens, which makes it easier to:

  • Find ways to conserve fuel and reduce waste

  • Eliminate unauthorized side trips

  • Shorten delivery times with smarter routing

81% of Truckers Are Found Liable in Accidents!

Protect your drivers and your fleet against accident claims with our GPS cameras

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