Exonerate Your Drivers – Save on Insurance Costs

We Can Reduce Disputed Claims from 40% to Less than 8%

A surefire way to win a claim dispute, when you know an accident was not your driver’s fault, is to have video evidence. Dashcam footage shows the events that occurred before, during and after the incident, exonerating your drivers and saving you thousands on settlement costs.

Providing visual confirmation of driver behavior, GPS cameras also help you reduce risks and avoid collisions in the first place.

Insurance Savings from Fleet Dash Cams

Instant Accident Notifications

Don’t Wait to be Told About an Incident Days After it Happens! Review Footage Right Away!

Shock absorption to the GPS camera will trigger an alert through your dashboard or via email/text. From there, review footage immediate by logging into our system. You can even search footage by categories such as: date, driver and trip.

Fleet Dash Cam Saves on Fleet Insurance Costs