Railroad Dash Cam Footage Can Show You What Really Happened

Train accidents almost always result in serious property damage, injuries and/or fatalities. With a railroad dash cam system in place, railroad fleet managers will have a transparent look at what actually happened before, during and after an accident. In the U.S. alone, the number of rail fatalities in 2019 increased to a total of 937, not including deaths due to unauthorized people on the tracks. While that may not seem like a lot in comparison to highway fatalities — 38,800 during the same year — the railroad industry has prioritized reducing fatalities and all accidents on the tracks.

Railroad Dash Cam

According to statistics from the National Transportation Board (NTSB), PTC could have prevented 145 train accidents between 1969 and 2015.  Those accidents killed 288 people and injured 6,574 others. A railroad dash cam can help you prevent some of the most common accidents.

In 2017:

  • 38% were caused by human error

  • 14% were the result of railroad equipment failure

  • 27% of train accidents were caused by track problems

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Improved Fleet Management With Railroad Dashcams

Railroad Fleet Management

The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA) ushered in changes that included the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) technology on over 60,000 miles of tracks. The goal of PTC is to reduce preventable accidents like those caused by human error or equipment malfunction: