Exonerate Your Drivers

Boost Your Bottom Line While Keeping Drivers Safe

The average vehicle collision costs fleet companies in excess of $140,000. Therefore, avoiding such incidents is vital to keep these detrimental expenses from occurring. GPS dashcams from FleetOptix put you in control, allowing you to monitor drivers and ensure they are exercising caution on the road.

Record Live Accident Footage

  • Review snapshots to verify drivers are wearing their seatbelts and aren’t distracted

  • Access live video of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle

  • Capture accident footage that can serve as evidence in insurance claims

The Perfect Tracking Solution for Commercial Fleets

Add a visual element to your fleet tracking operations for maximum savings

Get Camera Pricing

Minimize Accident Losses with Fleet Camera Footage

Accidents can and will inevitably happen. When a collision involving one of your drivers does take place, you want to mitigate costs wherever possible. Archive and review critical video evidence for your case using FleetOptix cameras.