Make Your Fleet Smarter And Safer With FleetOptix

When you use the FleetOptix dual dash cam GPS management system, you can make your fleet smarter and safer. Our tracking system includes numerous tools to make your job as a fleet manager and owner easier. We offer services such as:

  • Field organization

  • Job allocation

  • Asset management

  • Improved ETA

  • Custom solutions

  • Tailored integrations

  • Data analysis

  • Specialized reports

Always Know What Is Happening On The Road

Our connected platform works on just a single dashboard for ease of use and is thoroughly flexible and customizable so you can easily scale as needed. With the FleetOptix GPS fleet tracking solution, you can monitor all of your vehicles in real-time as well as the behavior of your professional drivers — all on a single screen. 

GPS tracking solutions are now becoming standard for commercial fleet operations. FleetOptix offers the latest technology and works with all industries. Even if you are running a large fleet of heavy-duty trucks, we have the tools you need.

Vehicle Trail Footage

All driver footage is securely stored on our cloud servers for simple access, so you can pull up footage from any point over the duration of a driver’s trip.

  • Search available footage by driver, vehicle or trip date

  • Filter archived video based on the type of driver events

  • Look up historical snapshots and videos

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