Solar Asset Tracker

Solar-Powered Asset Tracker Protects Valuable Equipment

Managing various fleets of movable and fixed assets across multiple job sites is no easy task. Not only do you as the fleet manager have to know where everything is at any given time, but you have to stay on schedule and on budget. With FleetOptix asset trackers, fleet managers can easily track asset inventory for seamless scheduling and productivity.

When you team with FleetOptix as your asset management partner, you get peace of mind knowing the whereabouts of physical assets 24/7. Real-time information is digitally reported from the field; you can have your eyes on the office, on the road and on multiple job sites, all at the same time.

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We offer month-to-month fleet tracking plans as well as leasing options

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Use a Solar Asset Tracker to monitor your assets

FleetOptix asset trackers help you make informed decisions about asset deployment and maintenance. You will always have real-time location data at your fingertips for all of your high-value equipment. Autonomous device operation gives you the ability to seamlessly manage and monitor remote assets.