Best Truck Dash Cam For Fleet Management

Anyone tasked with managing fleets knows first hand how the industry has changed with the evolution of technology. Technological advancements have boosted productivity and with the advancement of GPS tracking systems and geofencing technology, fleet management efficiency has improved significantly.

FleetOptix is among the leading experts in GPS tracking when it comes to truck dash cam systems. Our truck dash camera uses the latest technology to make fleet management transparent. As a fleet manager or owner, you can always tap real-time video and archived footage, giving you decision-making data to improve safety and save money. 

Fleet Management Solutions
  • Lower insurance rates. Just like fleet managers, insurance companies want to leverage technology and data. Often, if you have a truck dash cam system installed, insurance companies will offer incentives and premium discounts.

  • Relevant data. When a dash cam for trucks is installed, your fleet will benefit from significantly improved driver behavior and an increase in overall safety. With relevant data backup, your safety claims will be substantiated and can lead to exoneration in an accident and lower insurance rates.

  • Safety compliance. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) advises that semi-trucks and other fleet vehicles should have a truck dash cam system installed. Having a dash cam for trucks system in place gives your company protection against fraud and improves drivers’ accident rates and skill levels.

  • Route monitoring. The right GPS tools and fleet management technology helps fleet managers and their customers by monitoring exact routes, speed, mileage, stops, hours, and more.

  • Better scheduling. Having robust location information and other data helps you determine the best driver to send to a job based on proximity, skills, gas and other metrics.

Our GPS dual dash cam for trucks and related hardware can be installed openly or discreetly and the data can be tracked and monitored through a dashboard that only relevant parties can access. There is also an option that will proactively alert drivers when something alarming occurs — harsh braking, lane drifting, speeding. The entire system is easy to use and can also be accessed on-the-go. Other benefits include:

Fleet managers are empowered when they implement a truck dash camera and GPS tracking system, and can better provide clients with the best in service. In addition, the FleetOptix truck dash cam system has superior accident recording capabilities and can capture the tiniest of details in the event of a collision. 

Having truck dash camera video footage ensures there is always a witness and can easily help establish the fault of an accident. In fact, many fleet managers have used video accident footage to prove that their drivers were not at fault at all. Companies can face an uphill battle to prove their drivers’ innocence but visual proof combined with data can set the record straight.

Another advantage of having a truck dash cam system is the ability to answer important business questions immediately. For example, you will always know the answers to these questions: