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Why Fleet Optix? Because you simply won’t find a better GPS fleet tracking system — or a more passionate team. Your success is our success and we are passionate about helping you lower expenses while enhancing your fleet’s safety and productivity.

Fleet Management Solutions

At Fleet Optix, we are always looking for new technologies that tap the latest innovative solutions. We bring a creative approach to solving whatever fleet management problems you have.

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Exonerate Your Drivers

Improve Fleet Productivity With GPS Tracking

At Fleet Optix, we specialize in creating the best in fleet management GPS dual dash cam systems. Our tracking cameras give you an unparalleled view of your fleet with video monitoring and GPS location reporting. We offer state-of-the-art fleet management technology that can drastically improve your daily operations while also reducing expenses.

Our system can help boost efficiency with tools such as real-time video and speeding alerts. We also offer the most advanced geofencing, which creates virtual boundaries around specific geographic locations such as warehouses and delivery destinations.

81% of Truckers Are Found Liable in Accidents!

Protect your drivers and your fleet against accident claims with our GPS cameras

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